Welcome to NeuGenesis Plastic Surgery

Thank you for visiting our website! NeuGenesis Plastic Surgery is the plastic surgery practice of Dr. James T. Lin, a fellowship-trained, board certified plastic surgeon located in Elk Grove, California.

Our mission is to restore, improve and enhance the full potential of each person.

We believe in the importance of a personalized experience during your encounter with our office. Our office is dedicated to listening to your needs and addressing your questions. If you want to inquire about your specific concerns, please set up a consultation with Dr. Lin. He will provide you with recommendations based on his training and experience, but at the same time respecting your opinion and desire. Risks, benefits, alternatives, and realistic expectations of the treatment will be addressed. We strive to provide you with excellent care and have you back to your normal life activities as quickly as possible. Our friendly staff is looking forward to your call.


We believe people are wonderfully made with unique beauty and goodness. Unfortunately, these qualities are often diminished or marred by illness, trauma, weight gain or loss, aging, congenital deformity, or tragedies of life. Our mission is to empathize with people who experienced such setbacks, and try our best to restore, improve and enhance the full potential of each person. It is our sincere desire to assist you to enjoy and appreciate the life to the fullest.

James T. Lin, MD
American Board of Plastic Surgery

American Society for Surgery of the Hand